Important Information about the Haier Top Mounted Refrigerator Recall

haier top mounted refrigerator recall

Have you purchased a Haier Top Mounted Refrigerator recently? If so, read on for more information about which models Haier America is recalling and what you need to do if yours is on the list.

When was the recall issued?

Haier America announced this recall on October 25, 2018.

Affected Models

Three of Haier’s Top Mounted Refrigerator models are on the recall list – HA10TG31SB, HA10TG31SS, and HA10TG31SW. 137,000 units were sold between Fall 2014 and Fall 2018 at Lowe’s Home Improvement and other independent appliance retailers across the USA.

Why they’re being recalled

One of the refrigerator’s electrical components could short circuit, creating a possible fire hazard

Similar Recalls

Viking recalled its Built-In Side By Side Refrigerator Freezer with In-door Dispensers in November of 2013 because of a potential fire hazard. Also, Haier America issued a recall in 2010 on the Black & Decker Chest Freezers due to a potential fire hazard. That recall was expanded in April of 2013.

Verifying Your Refrigerator’s Status

You can check on your refrigerator’s status two ways.

  1. Visit Haier America’s recall website and use their search tool.
  2. Check the recall notice on the CPSC website – which includes the model and serial numbers affected.

Once you have checked your model and serial numbers, contact Haier America to verify your refrigerator’s status and learn more about the available remedies.Haier America’s recall hotline number: 1-888-364-2989 (open Monday – Friday 8 AM – 5 PM Eastern).

How is Haier America remedying the situation?

The manufacturer has two options available for consumers:

  1. Free in-home repair – they will provide a free in-home repair of your refrigerator unit.
  2. Rebate – they will provide a $150 rebate on the purchase of a qualified new Haier refrigerator.

Contact Haier America on their recall hotline number to verify your refrigerator’s status, then make arrangements for your preferred remedy.


We are capable of performing the repairs on these and many other types of refrigerators. However, we recommend that you unplug the refrigerator and connect with the manufacturer first if you believe your unit is affected by this recall.


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