How to Change the Ice Guide in Your Ice Dispenser

change ice guide in ice dispenser

The ice guide is a small part of your ice dispenser that helps to funnel the ice from the ice maker into your glass when the dispenser lever is pressed. However, if your ice guide is damaged or dirty beyond what cleaning can do, it is a part that can be easily replaced. In fact, you won’t even need any tools outside of perhaps a Flathead screwdriver that is only used to aid in the locking mechanisms.

These instructions are generalized and the steps can vary by model and brand.

Steps to Change Your Ice Maker Guide

Step #1

Before switching out the ice guide, you will want to lock your ice dispenser. As replacing this part requires some movement around the dispenser lever, it is very likely that if you leave the ice dispenser active, you will be getting ice all over the floor. Some ice dispensers have a lock function right on the display. If yours lacks this function, you can simply remove the ice bucket from inside your freezer, depressing the lever a few times to make sure no ice is still in the system.

Step #2

Finally, it is time to remove the old ice guide. This requires you to depress two rather small locking tabs on the underside of this plastic cover. If you have particularly large hands, you may need some help in the form of another person or that Flathead screwdriver.

Step #3

As you are replacing this part, breaking off these plastic locking tabs isn’t a huge deal, but you want to be careful that they don’t get stuck in there, as you won’t be able to install a new one without first removing the pieces. If a piece does break off, use tweezers or needle-nose pliers to remove it.

Step #4

The final locking tab that needs to be removed is located on the lever. You need to press the lever down while pulling the ice guide up.

While you can technically operate the ice maker without an ice guide, you will run into ice cubes just coming out in a spray rather than a neat cone. To install the new one, slide in the lever locking tab first and depress the tab until you hear a click. A Flathead screwdriver can help here. The other two clips should snap into place after.


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