What to Do When a Burner Only Runs On High

burner only runs on high

If you have an electric stove, then it normally uses a burner coil to heat your pans and food. Typically, as you adjust the temperature upwards, the coil glows brighter. However, there may come a day when your coil runs at full heat all the time, and it might not even turn off when you want it to.

When this happens, you most likely have a faulty infinite switch. This switch controls the supply of power to that coil. If it malfunctions, it will just keep sending infinite power to it.

In order to replace the infinite switch as well as a solution to a burner that won’t turn off when you tell it to at the control panel, you need to disconnect the stove from the electricity by either unplugging it or shutting it off at the circuit breaker. The following instructions are generalized as it can vary from model to manufacturer.

The infinite switch is part of the control panel for that burner. It is actually the box located behind the control knob. To replace this, you need to be able to access that area. On stovetops, you can often lift the area up to do so. On ranges where the control for the burner is on a control panel above them, you will need to unthread the screws underneath the panel so that you can tilt it forward.

On any model, to remove the infinite switch, you need to pull the knobs off the front of that switch. Once done, you can remove the wire harnesses attached to it and install a replacement infinite switch. As there are quite a few wires attached, you may wish to take a picture before disassembly for ease in installing the new switch. Be sure to follow any instructions

With the new infinite switch installed, you are now ready to test the burner. It should heat up gradually and you should be able to see a visual difference when switching from high heat to low heat. Furthermore, it will actually turn off when you tell it to.


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