How to Change the Light Bulb in Your Refrigerator

how to change light bulb in refrigerator

You don’t fully realize how nice it is to have a light in your refrigerator until it is not working. That light is what allows you to grab a quick and secret midnight snack and means you don’t have to turn on your kitchen lights even if it is a little dim in the room.

These steps are generalized as it can vary by model and brand.

Innately, changing the light bulb in your refrigerator isn’t a difficult job. There are two issues that can potentially make this difficult – choosing the replacement bulb and reaching the actual bulb. The reason these can trip you up, however, is the same. That is because the wattage of the bulbs and how to reach them differs between your refrigerator models. So one guide may not work for you.

What you can do to combat this is to break out that handy owner’s manual. Typically it will tell how to reach the bulb in your model and what wattage of the bulb to get to replace it(assuming it’s not an LED bulb). It is important to get the correct wattage replacement bulb for your refrigerator as putting a different bulb in could have catastrophic results such as the bulb exploding or the light socket itself burning out and needing to be replaced. It is much easier to replace the light bulb than to replace the whole socket, so you just need to put the time into finding the correct wattage.

As for actually reaching the bulb so you can replace it, typically what you want to do is inspect the bulb cover. There will either be a screw that needs to be unthreaded or there will be a little inlet in which you can pop that cover off without any screws needing to be removed. Once the bulb cover is removed, it is really as simple as just changing a light bulb.


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